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Hall of Supreme Harmony


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The Hall of Supreme Harmony is the largest hall within the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. It was the location where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties hosted their enthronement and wedding. The original hall was built in 1406 during the Ming dynasty and rebuilt for the last time in 1695–1697. Like all Piececool models, no painting is required: the brass and steel sheets in the kit are precoloured, and require simple assembly to build the imposing finished model.

Weight309 g
Product Material

Brass + Stainless Steel



Quantity of Parts


Metal Sheet qty.

11cm x 21cm x 4,25 ct

Assembled model size

L16 x W12 x H10cm

Packaging size

L13,5 x W2,2 x H22,8cm

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