piececool Points is a loyalty program for anyone who loves building our amazing metal model kits.

When you become a member, you will earn piececool Points every time you make a purchase on this site, review a model or recommend a friend who goes on to create an account with us. For every 50 points you earn, we will send you a coupon code with a discount against your next purchase on this site.

How you can earn pointsPoints earned
For your FIRST purchase15
For every $10 spent1
For each purchase completed10
Write a review10
Refer a friend5

Buy 3 models totalling $57.47, and you will earn 16 points:

  • 1 point for each £10, rounded to the nearest £10 = 6 points
  • 10 points for the purchase

How Many Points Do I Need For A Coupon?

Just 50 points gets you your first coupon for 15% off. Using the example above, if you rewiewed all 3 models, you would earn 30 points (3 x 10 points) making your balance 46 points – just 1 purchase away from your coupon!

How Do I Sign Up?

it’s easy! All you have to do is create an account with us – click here to do this now, or at checkout – and you are signed up!

How Do I Check My Points Balance?

You can check your points any time by logging in using the “My Account” link and check the “piececool Points” section of your account. You can also keep track of all your orders in this part of the site.

How Do I Recommend A Friend?

hat’s easy! Just use the form below. You can invite multiple friends at a time – just put a comma between each email address:

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