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Phoenix Coronet


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The Phoenix Coronet is made with metal wire mesh, and embellished with emerald phoenixes and jewelled tassels. Its gorgeous shape, embedded with precious jewels, pearls, precious stones and jade represents auspiciousness, hope, and happiness. It brings good fortunes and good wishes. When girls are married, they often wear a phoenix coronet, Chinese wedding dress, and red embroidered shoes, with the most beautiful posture, full of joy, to welcome the most important moment of her life.

Weight343 g
Product Material

Brass + Stainless Steel



Quantity of Parts


Metal Sheet qty.

11cm x 21cm x 4 ct + 222 accessories

Assembled model size

L13,5 x W11 x H16cm

Packaging size

L13,5 x W2,2 x H22,8cm

Challenge level


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