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Bridal Sedan Chair


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The traditional bridal sedan chair has an exquisite shape and gorgeous decoration. It is often painted with lacquer and decorated with gold foil decals, it is carved with delicate patterns. Inside the sedan, it is luxuriously decorated with red silk satin, embroidered with the words of marriage and happiness, dragon and phoenix, which means sweet love and happy life. The bridal sedan chair has been a traditional Chinese wedding vehicle for thousands of years, which women can only sit once in a lifetime.

Weight447 g
Product Material

Brass + Stainless Steel



Quantity of Parts


Metal Sheet qty.

11cm x 21cm x 4,75 ct + 4 accessories

Assembled model size

L20,8 x W10,5 x H15cm

Packaging size

L12.5 x W3 x H22.5cm

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