Are you looking to build model kits for adults? Have you been trying to find model building kits that are not for children? If so, we have good news. We sell model building kits that are specifically designed for adults! Our construction kits will allow you to enjoy the hobby of model making as an adult, and they come with detailed fully illustrated instructions.

Model kits are a fun hobby

Model Kits provide hours of entertainment for adults looking to enjoy model making as a pastime activity. Our metal model kits range from models of famous buildings to military models and all the way to fantasy models - mythical beasts and animals. We have it all!

We understand adults!

Model builders rejoice! There is finally a model kit company out there who understands what it's like to be an adult and want something more than just toys.

We've created these metal model building kits for grown-ups and we can't wait until everyone sees them in action. It'll open your eyes and show you how rewarding this hobby can be!

It's relaxing

Piececool believes that time spent model building is incredibly rewarding in today's hectic world. It gives you time to relax, focus and unwind. Building metal model kits is one of life's great pleasures: with a little time and patience, you will have a model worthy of any shelf or display case.

Model building is not expensive

Model building is a great hobby to get into and it doesn't have to be expensive! Our model making kits are reasonably priced so you don’t need a huge budget. It's also very rewarding when you see the finished model, which looks fantastic on your desk or bookshelf.

Another thing which makes our construction model kits fantastic value for money is that built, their novelty doesn't wear off as your skills improve. With a wide range of model kits available to you, there's always a different challenge to try, and another skill to master.

Metal model kits = no mess

Our models are built without any glue, paint or solder. All you need are basic tools which you probably own already - a pair of needle-nose pliers and some cutters. If you don't already own these, we sell a range of tools specifically designed to help you build a piececool kit.

Develop your skills as you build a collection

You don't have to stop at one model either, why not build several? Our model making kits will help you on your journey from beginner to expert.

This is a great hobby for older adults, as model making helps maintain co-ordination, fine motor control and dexterity.

Metal can be recycled

Unlike the waste from building a plastic kit, the metals in our kits - stainless steel and brass - are widely and commonly recycled. And because our kits don't need any glue or paint, there's no harmful solvents either.

Stop by our model kit store and check them out for yourself! You won't be disappointed.


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