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Epang Palace


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Made from stainless steel and brass components, this model kit is a representation of the giant Epang Palace – the “First Palace in the world”. The palace was started in 212 BC in Xianyang, but was never completed, being burnt down in 206 BC before it was finished. The site of the Epang Palace has been protected since 1961, and in 1991 the United Nations identified it as the largest palace base in the world at 693m long × 116.5m wide. Piececool’s model of the Epang Palace is not as large, but builds a big model 17.6cm (L) x 11.3cm (W) x 7.3cm (H), full of detail, from the glazed tiles and crimson roofs to flying eaves and silver and gold carved beams.

Weight 283 g
Product Material

Brass + Stainless Steel



Quantity of Parts


Metal Sheet qty.

11cm x 21cm x 3,5 ct + 8 accessories

Assembled model size

L17.6 x W11.3 x H7.3cm

Packaging size

L13,5 x W2,2 x H22,8cm

Challenge level


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