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Think of the Netherlands, and most people think of windmills. The windmill has become a proud symbol of the Dutch nation, and is often used to promote its heritage and culture. There are over 1,200 historic Dutch windmills, which are used either for milling grain or pumping water to create the famous Dutch landscape of polders and dikes.

This kit contains 2 sheets with 89 components to make an 8.8cm high model (available in silver – HP012-S – or gold – HP012-G). Display it on its own, or alongside other models from our Landmarks series.

Build this kit to remind yourself of a visit to the Netherlands, or just to celebrate a iconic architectural style.

Weight 195 g
Product Material

Stainless Steel



Quantity of Parts


Assembled model size

L6.2 x W7 x H8.8cm

Packaging size

L13.1 x W2.2 x H22.5cm

Challenge level


Matching display box



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