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In ancient China, traffic was inconvenient, long-distance travel was difficult and unsafe, so an escort was born to protect property or personal safety. The ShunFeng Escort is located in Datang Street. Its style is majestic, with two big drums standing beside the door. The courtyard is spacious and open, and there are swords and spears on the landing platform, often used by escorts to practise martial arts; the main building stands proudly, the dart flag fluttered in the wind, with a spectular momentum. It and the series of buildings such as pawn shops and rouge shops will offer you the prosperous scene of the Tang Dynasty.

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Metal Sheet qty.

11 x 21cm x 5Pcs

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L12 x W14 x H10cm

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L22.5 x W3 x H12.5cm

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1 review for Shunfeng Escort

  1. John Taylor (verified owner)

    I really like this model both the build and the finished model. The metal is good and easy to bend and can stand being bent a couple of times without breaking, The instructions are clear with the addition of the separate schematic for the parts sheets, which is a great idea and makes life a lot easier without having to turn sheets or pages over to find it. The paint is bright and well applied and covered with a clear lacquer to protect it from scratching. It went together very well with just a few tricky bits to keep you on your toes.

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