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Chang’An Archway

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Archways, which are traditional Chinese buildings, are used to commend meritorious achievements or as landmark buildings. They are commonly found in gardens, temples, palaces, streets and other places. The Chang’an Archway is located in an important position on the street, and people must pass through here when entering and leaving. It has extraordinary momentum, and you can feel its character from a fast distance, with flying eaves and horns, auspicious clouds, and rich national characteristics. The “Datang Street” composed of pawn shops, rouge shops and other buildings will take you on the journey of the prosperous Tang from the microscopic world offered by piececool.

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11 x 21cm x 33/4Pcs

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L17 x W4.8 x H11cm

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L12.5 x W3 x H22.5cm

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1 review for Chang’An Archway

  1. John Taylor (verified owner)

    As usual the metal for this model is of high quality and will withstand bending two or three times before it will show any signs of weakening. The paint work is brightly coloured and sharp with no bleeding to other areas, it is covered with a good gloss lacquer which not only makes the whole model glow but also protects the paintwork from scratching or chipping while you are building it. The instructions are clear and easy to read and the separate parts schematic is very good. The model went together fairly easily apart from two areas. The first is the gold horns on the roof, most of them are one piece which you then have to fold and bend to the required shape it is not easy to get the right shape around the end of the horn, luckily there are a number of them to do and I got better at it with the practise. The other area I had problems with was the decorations that sit just under the roof on the three towers. As is the case with a lot of these models the parts were very small and each of the 24 pieces was made up of five parts which each have to be bent and shaped. It wasn’t hard just a bit small and fiddly, luckily I have a good magnifying head set. Despite those I thoroughly enjoyed making this model and the finished item is very good.

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