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Motorcyle III


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Unleash your passion for speed and style with this exhilarating metal model kit. Designed for modellers & motorbike enthusiasts seeking a thrilling building experience, this kit allows you to create a stunning replica of a sportbike that captures the essence of these high-performance machines.

With 218 precisely engineered parts, this kit offers a satisfying challenge, rated at level 5 out of 7. Each component is pre-colored, eliminating the need for painting and ensuring that your model boasts a vibrant and realistic finish right out of the box.

From the sleek lines to the intricate details, this sportbike model is a true work of art. As you assemble the metal parts with precision, you’ll witness the transformation of the kit into a remarkable replica that showcases the essence of speed and elegance.

Measuring L17 x W6.8 x H9.8 cm, the finished model will impress with its authenticity. Display it proudly on your shelf or desk, and admire the meticulous craftsmanship that went into its creation. This kit is not just a building experience, but also an opportunity to appreciate the intricate engineering and aerodynamic design that defines the world of sportbikes.

Challenge yourself and let your passion for speed ignite with this kit. Order now and dive into an immersive journey of craftsmanship, excitement, and the artistry of high-performance motorcycles.

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 1.6 × 22.5 cm
Assembled model size

L17 x W6.8 x H9.8 cm

Challenge level




Matching display box


Metal Sheet qty.

11cm x 21cm x 4.5 sheets + accessories, 218 parts

Product Material

430 steel


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