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Sydney Opera House

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Sydney Opera House: The world-famous performing arts center, located in Sydney, Australia is another icon of global architecture in the Piececool range. Recognized as one of the 20th century’s top ten architectural achievements, its design echoes the appearance of a boat’s sails, reflecting the history of Sydney as a major port. Attracting tourists and musicians from all over the world, the Sydney Opera House is not only the ultimate place to perform & witness Sydney’s art and culture, but also the soul of Sydney. Our intricate metal sheet model kit builds to create a stunning replica of this architectural marvel.

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11cm x 21cm x 2 ct

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L13 x W9 x H6cm

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L13,5 x W2,2 x H22,8cm

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1 review for Sydney Opera House

  1. John Taylor

    This building seems to be one people either love or hate, I love it so I had to have the model. This was a very nice build and going well until step 13. This is where you join two shells together with a large flat bit which you bend to shape. I studied the instructions and then bent the piece but I thought it didn’t look right. So I tried a dry fit with the next shell and the base and it was wrong. So back to studying the instructions and I figured out where I went wrong so I tried it again but no it was wrong again. The metal in Piececool models is good and can be bent two to three times before showing signs of breaking so I wanted to get it right this time. So I went on line and found some photos of the real thing so I studied them along with the instructions and I got it bent properly, I wish I had thought of doing that the first time. The rest of the model went well and I finished up with a very good model of the Opera house.

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