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Knight of Firmament

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In legend, the Knight of Firmament stood at the top of the kingdom of heaven as a guardian. For thousands of years, he covered his handsome face and wore the only masterpiece of craftsman clan—breaking dawn armor. His Lingyun Bow was cast in the weapon shrine. Arrows of fire come from the energy of his body during battle. He fight tirelessly for everyone’s belief in justice. Accept sanctions! It is usually the last word heard by the enemy.

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11cm x 21cm x 3 ct

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L10 x W13 x H15,5cm

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L13,5 x W2,2 x H22,8cm

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1 review for Knight of Firmament

  1. ajbarclay

    This was my first ever Piececool model after receiving as a gift, I had completed a few smaller/simple models by another company but I must say this was completely different. The instructions were clear and simple to follow, the detail and quality are far superior to the other models I had completed. I did struggle with a few parts but YouTube fixed that and will say this was not due to instructions but my lack of experience in building these types of models. I did unfortunately damage one of the hands but this was my fault being a novice and I have definitely learnt from that mistake. This was such a fun model to build and I have already ordered more models, if you are looking for a first model I would suggest you try a lower level before this one (this is level 5 just) so you get a better understanding of how parts work, bend and fix together. Finished model looks amazing and happy on display waiting for the Black Knight to join him.

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