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Big Ben


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Big Ben generally refers to the Elizabeth Tower. Built in 1859, it is located on the River Thames in London and is known as the world-famous Gothic building. As one of London’s iconic buildings, Big Ben is part of the British Parliament building and the largest clock in the UK. The Big Ben is manually clocked. During the Congress meeting, the clock face will glow and report the time every hour. On June 2, 2012, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s throne accession, Big Ben was officially renamed as Elizabeth Tower.

Weight 214 g
Product Material

Stainless Steel

Metal Sheet qty.

11 x 21cm x 2Pcs

Assembled model size

L8 x W6 x H13cm

Packaging size

L13.5 x W2.2 x H22.8cm

Challenge level


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