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Wedding Dress


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During the Ming Dynasty, Nishang Pavilion is well-known throughout the country for its clothing craftsmanship, not only customizing costumes for the nobles, but also special neon clothes for the palace. His owner loved his fiancee deeply, and before the big wedding he customized a set of exquisite wedding gown for her, which caused a sensation in the city for a while. The wedding gown was made by a number of embroidery masters, with a red brocade as the base, rusty phoenix on the fly, under the sea and river cliffs, the edge is embellished with gold patterns. the skirt is 3-feet long touching the ground, swaying and beautiful. Phoenix crown and red makeup are the most beautiful promise to love. Give a wedding dress to your lover, and have a deep love with her.

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11cm x 21cm x 5,75 ct + 93 accessories

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